Pickens County Tax Commissioner run-off: Daniel Reeves

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reevesDaniel Reeves is on the ballot for Tax Commissioner in the Pickens County run-off election on August 11, 2020. Voting is already underway and candidate Reeves, who is currently serving on the board, has answered some questions to help voters decide how to cast their ballots.

Why do you feel like you are the most qualified for the position?

I am the most qualified because I have worked in the office for nine years. There isn’t much I haven’t done in the office. I’ve handled the digest, bankruptcy, filing.

List your qualifications/experience that is reevesapplicable to this position.

Three years at the Carl Vinson Institute for Tax Commissioners at the University of Georgia; three years Constitutional Officers Association of Georgia; four years  Delinquent Tax Seminar Institute; Ex-Officio Deputy Sheriff

What do you want the voters to know about you that will help them make a decision?

We have a 96-97-percent collection rate. I’ve helped make customer service a priority. We have partial payment plans, draft payment ability. We’ve tried to make it easy and accessible.

I’ve been a pastor for 22 years, so I’ve been dedicated to serving the public. I enjoy serving the community and I pray for this community daily. I currently serve at Encounter Life Church in Jasper.

What are some issues in the tax commissioners office would you like to improve?

Our current tax


commissioner has been good. There are some things I’d do differently. We’re working to create an office that runs on integrity. We want to start having Facebook videos about any decisions that will affect the public so we can get their opinion.

How can voters contact you?

Cell: 770-377-1902

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daniel.reeves.5872

Email: dreevesfortc@gmail.com


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