Board of Commissioners talk to new tax chief, eyes audit

tax chief
tax chief

Daniel Reeves, far right, the newly-elected Tax Commissioner and Roy Dobbs, far left, Tax Assessor, answered the commissioners’ questions regarding the tax digest at Thursday’s called meeting.

The Pickens County Board of Commissioners told the new tax chief, Daniel Reeves, they wanted an audit and put tax payers at ease amid upheaval at the Tax Commissioners office. Reeves, the newly-elected Tax Commissioner, was also appointed to lead the office after the abrupt resignation of former tax commissioner Darrin Satterfield.

“This is a very informal meeting,” Rob Jones, Chairman of the Board o f Commissioners said. “Hopefully, we’ll be able to calm the nerves of the taxpayers and get back to normal.”

Jones asked Reeves, who has worked at the tax office for nine years and helped the county last year with tax issues, if the “everything was on track to be completed on time” this year, referring to collections and other issues.

” Yes, , we’ve received all the documents.We’re already working with our vendor now, and the assessors office.

Roy Dobbs, Tax Assessor, gave more details into what was involved.

He told the commissioners that his office operates on an appraisal system, which has to be changed to an accounting system for the Tax Commissioner’s office.

“It will created consolidations sheets, what we call hte preliminary digest which should be real close to what the final digest numbers should be. That’s the information (the school system and the county need) to do their PT32-1 so they can do their five year history and things like that. Everything is going along, it’s always fun because its a once a year process with the vendor.” said Dobbs.

After this is done, they can go to the state with the numbers.

tax chief

Roy Dobbs, Tax Assessor, said the vendor would convert his office’s information to an accounting system for the Tax Commissioner’s office.


Daniel Reeves, the new Tax Commissioner, said he didn’t have a problem with the county auditing the office.

“I’ve been working with Daniel ahead of time and I’ve met with my staff about what’s needed. group effort to plan. and I don’t see us not hitting the same dates we did last year,” said Dobbs.


Besides the tax concerns, Jones brought up complaints geared toward the Tax Commissioner’s office.

“There have been a couple of complaints from employees in your office that its a hostile work environment. according the the county attorney, the investigating attorney would like to meet with you (Reeves) to discuss somme of those complaints,” Jones said.

Reeves said he’d like that and planned to make changes in the office.

“Anything that’s in there that needs to be corrected, we’ll do it. We want a well-structured office that puts the  county first. Everything will fall into place if you put people before politics,” said Reeves.

Jones said the commissioners, and some tax payers are requesting an audit.

“Not a forensic audit, just an audit,” said Jones.”We want you to know where you are starting at. We don’t think you’ve done anything (wrong).”

Reeves said he personally didn’t have an issue with an audit, but wanted to speak to the office’s attorney about the matter.

Jones said the commissioners wanted to get an independent auditing firm to conduct the audit, but have not arranged it yet.

To view the 2019 Tax Digest, click here.

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