Letter to the editor: Domino effect


Written by: Conrad Quagliaroli

Dear Editor:

During the cold war, we often heard about the “domino effect.”  I believe Republicans in Washington are in the minority today, because of the cowardice they displayed in not repealing Obamacare when they were in the majority.  And that started the domino effect of giving the Democrats that issue in 2018, which helped them win the majority in the house, which gave Pelosi the power to block everything Trump was trying to do, which led to his defeat in 2020, which led to Biden reversing everything Trump was forced to do by executive order because the Republicans had lost the House because they did not keep their word and repeal Obamacare.

That said, it appears to me the Democrats have done more in Biden’s first 48 days than Republicans did in Trump’s 48 months!  Why?  I believe it’s because when the Republicans are elected to the majority, they act like the dog who caught the car.  And when Democrats are in the power, it’s damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead toward their goals.

One thing is for sure, if the situation was reversed, the Democrats would not have hesitated to repeal a “Republican” Obamacare law.  And given the declared scorched earth resistance to Trump’s policies, (that insured little would be done legislatively) they would not have hesitated to eliminate the filibuster if they were in the Republican’s position.

Speaking of the filibuster, earlier this year I believed the Democrats would do away with it before the end of the year.   But it looks like I was off by 6 months and now believe they are so determined to pass their far-left agenda, they will eliminate the filibuster by June, change our election laws with HB1, making it almost impossible for Republicans to take back the House and Senate majorities in 2022, and cement their majority for decades to come.  God help us.

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