Qualified candidates for Jasper, Talking Rock, and Nelson

Roberts Elections Supervisor

JASPER, Ga – Qualifying candidates for city councils in Pickens County closed last week. Check out the lists below for who is qualified and where.

City of Jasper

  • Anne Sneve- City Council
  • Folsom Proctor- City Council
  • Ryan O’Dea- City Council

City of Talking Rock

  • Anthony Hawf-City Council
  • Steven Lewis- City Council
  • James Bryant- City Council
  • Andrea Watson- City Council
  • Cheryl Sams- City Council
  • Darrell Cain- City Council

City of Nelson

  • Sylvia Green-Mayor
  • Terry Johnson-City Council
  • James Queen-City Council
  • Michael Brown- City Council
  • William Taylor- City Council
  • Susan Johnston- City Council

The 2021 municipal elections will take place on November 2, 2021.

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