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While the cinematic adventures of “LT and the Nerds” have not become, to quote Barney Stinson, “Legend, wait for it, Dary!” like the music of “Eddie and the Cruisers” (the under 30 crowd just ask your parents or Google it), they have become somewhat of a tradition. Therefore it is no secret that the biggest event in nerdom since the invention of pocket protectors and “Comic Con,” “The Avengers,” movie would have to be seen by us, and reviewed by me. There are no cliché movie descriptions that could do this move justice, in a good way, so I will describe it using the word that has come to mind the most since leaving the theater in the wee hours of the morning, AWESOME!!!! Actually the word “Nerdgasmic” also came to mind, but this is a family site so let’s just go with AWESOME!!!!“The Avengers” is every good cliché in the book, “edge of your seat fun,” “heartwarming,” “breathtaking,” “mind blowing,” and most surprisingly, “laugh out loud funny.” While I’ll admit that I expected it to be spectacular, I was highly surprised that it was “Highlarious,” (I know that’s not actually a word, but it’s much funnier than hilarious).

This movie is as funny as any movie I have ever seen. There are numerous times during the movie that I missed lines because I, along with everybody else in the theater, was laughing too hard to hear. SPOILER ALERT, example, when Thor takes offense to Loki, the film’s villain and Thor’s brother, being insulted, only to be told, “He killed 80 people in two days,” immediately responds, “He’s adopted.”

One expects one liner’s from Tony Stark and Nick Fury, but not from the likes of Black Widow, and Bruce Banner a.k.a. “The Hulk,” or “the other guy” as Banner refers to him throughout the movie. Speaking of the big green guy, SPOILER ALERT, The Hulk steals the show.

I must admit that I was at least a bit skeptical when I heard that Ed Norton had been replaced as Bruce Banner/The Hulk; however, Mark Ruffalo does an excellent job of capturing the character. He’s has quite a few one liners himself. I believe that he actually did a better job than Norton, not that Norton was not amazing, but I felt that Ruffalo’s Banner was not as lost or depressed.

I must say, that one of the better lines of the night actually occurred in the parking lot, when Swamp Thang, commenting on the almost capacity filled parking lot, said, “We did not get Harry Pottered;” a reference to our underestimation of the popularity of Potter and our missing of finale on opening night. This time we bought tickets in advance.

The nerds were unanimous in our praise of “The Avengers.” I honestly am having a hard time not giving away the movie because I want to talk about it in all of its awesomeness. However, I will not be “that guy.” I’ll just say that if there was ever a movie that fit the cliché term, “must see” it’s this one. I will actually be going to see it again, when I take the wife, thank God for babysitting Nana; and I have not seen a movie twice in the theater since “Shrek.”

I will gladly spend the money, and for those who know me, being cheap is something I have been mastering for well over two decades. Speaking of, yes I did see it in 3-D, and yes it was because I’ve saved my 3-D glasses so that I save myself an extra three or four dollars every time I go to the theater. What, nerds are known to be dummies!

In a related note, my wife and I decided to work on flash cards with the letters of the alphabet on them with our 2 1/2 year old son, since he can easily name a multitude of super heroes, but very few letters. I keep reminding her that she needs to get her priorities in order, but she keeps insisting that Spiderman and The Hulk, are not going to be things he needs in school. I have since begun looking into home schooling.


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