Krypton Sent: The Tale of Clark Kent


“Man of Steel” is the latest theatrical creation in the Superman saga. It is a new version of the story directed by Zack Snyder, of “300!” fame, and produced by Christopher Nolan, director of “The Dark Knight” series. I must say I was blown away by “The Man of Steel.”It is the first Superman telling that I can remember that focuses on the fact that he is an alien trying to find his way. SPOILER ALERT: do not expect to see a ton of scenes featuring Superman catching people in Metropolis.

This is truly an origin story, told mostly in flashbacks about where Kal-El of the House of El comes from and how he becomes the man known as “Super.”

There are scenes where Clark Kent, who often uses the alias “Joe” saving people, sans blue suit, and moving on to the next town, while trying to find his purpose in life.

SPOILER ALERT: The Jonathan Kent death scene is purely poetic. If your are reading this and are asking yourself, “who are Clark and Jonathan Kent” or saying “how are you giving away deaths from the movie?” please stop reading now; find a remedial comic class; take it; come back later. Or watch a Big Bang Theory Marathon.

Eventually Clark, dons the cape, with the iconic “S,” which apparently means “Hope” on Krypton, no spoiler alert, that is in the trailer/commercials.

The villain of the movie, General Zod, is particularly perturbing to the people of earth, and especially problematic for the son of Jor-El, leading to an epic battle scene that made me ask myself, “Do Flo, the President from “24”, and the crazy Nazi from Oz, cover all that damage?” SPOILER ALERT: THERE IS A LOT OF DAMAGE!!!!

Zack Snyder definitely brought his own vision to the story of John and Martha’s adopted son. I thought that concentrating on his roots and the fact that he is not of this world, instead of making those details afterthoughts, was interesting in a good way.

SPOILER ALERT: Clark Kent falls in love with Lois Lane, and saves her life. Well of course that happens, however, Lois’ pesky persistence promises a whole different outlook on story of “Lois and Clark.” I look forward to seeing that relationship develop further in the next film.

SPOILER ALERT: There is no Jimmy Olson, and no Lex Luthor, although keep your eye open, LexCorp is represented.

Overall I thought the movie was epic, even if though Snyder’s vision is very different from anything we’ve ever seen, be forewarned. It is very heavy, and slightly dark; be forewarned.

One last thing, when the movie ends, it ends, there is no extra scene, do not waste 20 minutes waiting, I already did that for you.

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