2013 Annual “Hat Challenge” is More Challenging

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In 2012 the annual rivalry game between the Gilmer High School Bobcats and the Pickens Dragons boiled over on the FYN sports team during the football season. Rookie reporter, and Pickens Dragons beat reporter, Jordan “J-Dawg” Hill (or Justin as he is sometimes known around the office) issued a challenge to Gilmer Beat reporter, and FYN CEO Brian K. Pritchard. Obviously the reporter whose team lost would have to don the opposing team’s hat at midfield post game; Gilmer won 21-13.In 2013 #TeamFynSports is revving the rivalry up a notch. Not only is the hat rematch on between the aforementioned participants, but we’ve changed the rules a bit this year.

We invite members of both communities to partake in the fun festivities. We here at #TeamFynSports have issued a challenge on twitter and face book for members of the community to #ClaimYourCap.

How does one do that? Easy, many of our readers or quite familiar with this rivalry and from being on one side or the other, so one must simply find a friend, co-worker, cousin (whom you may or may not like), whose cap you’d like to claim for your team.

It is a simple bet on who will win this year’s meeting between Pickens and Gilmer at Huff Mosely, purple hats for Gilmer, Green hats for Pickens, winner keeps the loser’s cap until the loser’s team wins, and if and when the losers’ team wins, he/she claims both his/her own hat, and the now losers’ hat as well. This challenge is not for the weak hearted.

We feel that while it can be quite humiliating to have to wear the other’s team’s hat for a little while, it is much worse when the winner keeps your team’s hat as a trophy and your buddy, co-worker, cousin (whom you may or may not like), gets to rub it in your face every time he/she sees you.

Isn’t that more fun? Of course. So who will join us? Who will put their hats where their mouths are? Will th-#PickensPickUpGilmerGarb?

If you believe in your team, this is the chance to prove it. Bring your hats to the game this Friday, October 18th and #ClaimYourCap afterward. Losers honor your bets and hand over your hats, WITHOUT INCIDENT, PLEASE, and hope to #ClaimYourCapBack next year.

Tweet us pics of you claiming/losing your cap @fetchyournews with the #HatChallenge and/or #TeamFynSports. You could also tag us in your claim/lost pics on facebook, “Fetch Yournews,” we’ll retweet and/or share.

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