Nelson City Council adopts Family Protection Ordinance

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The Nelson City Council met on October 7 and as part of their agenda, had a second reading of the Family Protection Ordinance. The ordinance has been held up in litigation with the Brady Campaign since May.The litigation stemmed from wording which has since been changed, stating they would not seek enforcement as it is also a right per the Constitution to not own firearms.

The amended ordinance includes the following:

“(c) Because the United States Constitution protects the rights of Americans to choose not to own or maintain a gun in their homes, subsections (a) and (b) of the Family Protection Ordinance are not enforceable and shall never be enforced and no disability, penalty or adverse consequence shall attach to any violation thereof.”

Lamar Kellett, a Nelson resident, has been especially vocal about the ordinance. In a phone call to his home today his wife, Annette, stated,

“We are pleased they weren’t allowed to keep the original resolution since it didn’t include the phrasing that it wouldn’t be enforced.”

Upon the second reading (essentially the second vote), the ordinance will be effective October 17.

In other business that night, the city manager umbrella was extended to include management of all employees, including the police department.

In a work session held Monday night, fund balance policies and bonds for officials were brought up as these new practices were recommended in the city’s audit, to bring them in line with regulations. No action was taken but the policies were simply introduced to the board for consideration.

The Family Protection Ordinance and amendment may be seen here:



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