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Letter to the editor submitted by Mrs. Edith Portillo in response to Nelson Councilman Jackie Jarrett’s previous letter. Please see link for that letter:

Jarrett’s letter to the editorLetter to the Editor,

In response to Nelson Councilman Jarrett’s letter that “I was never elected to a Council Seat“, I say absolutely true, I was not. But I ask Mr. Jarrett what is worse… not being elected to a seat or only being elected to keep someone else from winning the seat?

In reference to my shopping spree, I would ask the Council Member if he is perfect. He asked for people to pray for me as if he was a Christian person. But Mr. Jarrett allowed his Christian values to be compromised when he decided to pass judgment on me by himself in his letter. I could say a lot of things about Mr. Jarrett, but I am not going to stoop to his level of attacks. Even with my alleged shopping spree, I am better than that.

I do not feel attacking a person, and calling out their personal issues is the right thing to do to anyone. Apparently Mr. Jarrett feels that personal attacks are fair game, which makes him a very low human to me. When I see corruption in elected officials, I have a right, as a taxpayer to call this out. The problem with this Council is they want to silence any dissention with threats, harassment and misguided comments.

In reference to Mrs. Edwards’s resignation, everything Mr. Jarrett stated in his letter is a blatant lie. Contact Mrs. Edwards and find out from the horses mouth the truth.

Mr. Jarrett stated in his letter the Mayor and Council are doing a fine job. How great is it that a Council Member had decided to pass his own judgment on his own performance. Let’s allow the citizens to decide instead of allowing Mr. Jarrett to proclaim his own greatness.

As far as Mr. Jarrett asking for the people of Nelson to forgive the sick and misguided comments I have made… I say the truth hurts, and whatever I have said is the truth. It is apparent that I have struck a nerve with Mr. Jarrett and must be close to the truth for him to come out and make his comments.

If Mr. Jarrett would like to have a competency debate, I am all-but-willing to discuss these issues at his request in public. We have never had a more incompetent Council and Mayor than we do at this moment in time in Nelson.

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