Portillo responds to Jarrett’s letter


Letter to the editor submitted by Mrs. Edith Portillo in response to Nelson Councilman Jackie Jarrett’s previous letter. Please see link for that letter:

Jarrett’s letter to the editor (more…)

Portillo Speaks About Nelson Departures


Letter to the editor submitted by Edith Portillo. (more…)

SPLOST Accepted by Nelson; Argument Taints Meeting

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Nelson City Council meetings are known for their contentious atmosphere. However the meeting conducted Monday night was marked by arguing between a public official and a citizen, unlike other recent nearby city meetings which were earmarked by S.P.L.O.S.T. disagreements. (more…)

Nelson City Councilwoman Arrested

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FYN has learned that Nelson City Councilwoman Edith Portillo has been charged with shoplifting after allegedly stealing more than $200 worth of merchandise from a store in Canton.

According to Nelson City’s website Mrs. Portillo was elected to serve on the Nelson City Council in August of 2012. She was selected by the Council to supervise Personnel in Nelson, as well as heading up the Personnel Committee. Mrs. Portillo also is in a supervisory role for the Nelson City Park.

Fetch Your News will update as more information is available.

Nelson Passes Financial Management Policy

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Aside from all the media hoopla over its Family Protection Ordinance, Nelson City Council addressed other items this week at its regular meeting Monday night. (more…)

Nelson Council Deals with Pavilion Problem in Park Project


Nelson resolved its recurring pavilion problem this week. (more…)

Nelson Says “No” to Grant Money

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In an unprecedented move, The Nelson City Council voted to reject a $10,000 state grant this week. (more…)

Nelson Passes Social Media Policy in Face of Decorum Dilemma

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Following a querulous meeting last month, the Nelson City Council approved its Social Media policy last week during its December meeting. (more…)

Nelson Unravels in City Manager Dispute

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The Nelson City Council meeting erupted during its regular meeting this month, due to recent personnel disputes over its new city manger position. (more…)

(Video) Continued Contention Over Nelson Ordinance

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The Nelson City Council delivered its first reading of a new city manager ordinance this week. (more…)

Nelson Residents Riled Over New Position

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Talk of a new city manager flustered Nelson citizens this week. (more…)

Portillo Joins Nelson Council, City Decides on Park

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The Nelson City Council grew this week as it added new council member, Edith Portillo to the group. (more…)

Loggins Leaves Race

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During a city council meeting in Nelson Monday night, Tammi Loggins announced that she will no longer pursue the candidacy for a city council seat. (more…)

Nelson Code Enforcement Fuels Backlash

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The Nelson City Council Meeting turned heated this week as residents turned out in droves to show their discontent regarding the issuance of numerous citations. (more…)

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