The Pain of Peter Parker’s Perilous Presence


It has been a painful weekend, with my Hawks falling off the winning pace in game six, and then seven of the first round playoff series with the Pacers, and the Amazing Spider-Man 2, I have been down in the dumps like Oscar the Grouch. Don’t get me wrong, Amazing Spider-Man 2 was, well amazing; however, NERD SPOILER ALERT: YES IT HAPPENS AND EVEN IF YOU KNOW IT’S COMING, IT STILL HURTS. The true nerds get that, and will appreciate the warning.I of course do not want to give away the movie, but you must understand, I was already downtrodden after the game six lost, to see Peter Parker struggle with between his day and night life. Not only does he have to save people, but he is constantly reminded of his promise to stay away from the love of his life, Gwen Stacy.

SPOILER ALERT: Multiple Dennis Leary face moments, you know the one I’m talking about, think angry with his wife on “Rescue Me” face.

This movie delves deeply into Peter and Gwen’s relationship, as it is constantly in a state of “on again, off again,” as Peter has trouble maintain a relationship with her after his promise to her father, Captain Stacy, to stay away from her at the end of part one.

Without giving too much away, DJango, AKA Wanda from “In Living Color” has a chance encounter with Spider-Man, during which Spidey saves his life and he becomes a SUPER DUPER FAN. Some bad things happen and he becomes Electro, a being made almost completely out of electricity and he starts to go a little crazy.

Enter Harry Osborne, son of Norman and childhood friend of Peter’s, who after the death of his father from a terrible hereditary disease, takes over Oscorp and goes a little crazy, becoming the Green Goblin.

Spider-Man is dealing with these newfound sinister villains he is going through a deeply emotional time as his friendship with Harry of course deteriorating to the point that he becomes a super villain and his guilt over his love life weighs on him like fat rolls on Jared before he discovered the five dollar foot-long.

SPOILER ALERT: Yes he does have the Spider-Man theme song as his ringtone and yes Stan Lee does have a cameo, speaking of the Rhino’s cameo is shorter than Tyrion Lannister.

Overall I was impressed with the movie, the action was amazing, and the deeply emotional journey keeps the audience invested throughout. I would not recommend seeing this movie immediately after your team loses a crucial game six, just saying; however, I would definitely recommend seeing this on a date with a young lady. While we fellas can enjoy explosions galore, and awesome slow motion fight scenes, the ladies can get caught up in the relationship issues of Peter Park.

SPOILER ALERT: If you do bring a date, bring a tissue. You can tell yourself it’s for her if you want, but don’t be shamed if you need it.

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