Opinion by George McClellan:

No, I am absolutely not going to support the notion that Edward Snowden is at all responsible for the ISIS attack in Paris, not even indirectly. That’s a government trick to ratchet up our fear factor so government can exert even more control over our daily lives.

Mexican drug dealers and Islamic terrorists have known that our government has monitored telephone, satellite and land line communications for over a decade. As early as 01 Feb 2001, an article published in USA Today, long before Edward Snowden, reported that Al Qaeda was able to “outfox law enforcement” by using encryption techniques. Don’t you think the word was already out? If you are a Snopes user, also check out the Christian Science Monitor article of the same date and a November 2001 issue of Network World. It’s all there.

The government would have us believe the lie that they were ‘keeping us safe’ until Snowden did his wicked trick. Not So! What has vexed the government, and is still driving them nuts, is the fact that Snowden revealed to all Americans that our government has been keeping track of us, even the most uninvolved American, by monitoring our private communications, cell phone and internet connections, in a serious attempt to identify and ultimately be able to detain, as enemies of the state, any and all Americans involved in Tea Parties, Oath Keepers, Christian’s with guns and bibles in their hands and any other such similar constitutionally oriented groups.

The National Defense Authorization Act, (NDAA), yearly reauthorized by our big government politicians, Republicans included, have provided the mechanism to effect this travesty if ever it is put into effect. That this odious time-bomb of latent government aggression against its own citizens even exists, and so far unused, is a crime and is the reason why Obama, Hillary and the Progressives, urgently desire to disarm us, “for our safety” of course.

Don’t believe the government lies or, at least consider their claims with extreme skepticism. Americans have a 4th Amendment right to be secure in their person, place and things…etc. We should consider it inviolable and demand the government does so too.

Government attacks are now underway against private encryption companies, even the products of Apple and Google and publicly. Why? To scare the bejesus out of us so we will lose faith in our own ability to protect ourselves and fearfully acquiesce to the governments demands for greater controls, “to protect us”, and hasten our march to the sheep pens.

The French Intelligence Agencies knew an attack was coming as early as July. They even knew the name of one of the attackers. Intelligence agencies should be under scrutiny, but that’s passing the buck. It does no good for an Intelligence agency to have information if it is not provided to the decision makers, i.e.: government. That’s where the problems lie, with the decision makers, in our case, Obama and his inner circle of crypto-Islamic fascists.

The government cannot shift blame to Ed Snowden. He’s innocent, not of doing what he did, that’s a crime, but of being responsible for the rise of ISIS, and its ability to carry out its attacks. Our Government is responsible by its funding, distribution of weapons to all comers, it’s inability to understand the Islamic mind and react to it correctly, its inability to understand the centuries of Islamic rivalries that are driving the current turmoil we unleashed, and worse, the unintended consequences of Jihad now facing the west, while still burdened with the albatross of political correctness hung around our necks. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now go get ‘em! (18 Nov 2015) see:

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