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This year is Jasper Farmers Markets’ 18th season. The market’s purpose is to help provide income for local producers, fresh and local products for customers, and a gathering place to help create and develop a greater sense of community.

FYN attended the market Saturday, June 17, to see, the outstanding amount of fresh fruit and vegetables. Along with the produce you can find handmade crafts such as stained glass, crocheted blankets, and birdhouses to name a few. Even some of our younger citizens participated at the market selling lemonade and baked goods.

Jenny Fellenbaum is a vendor and the current manager over the market. She has held position as manager for the past three years. The market was the first project of the first class of The Pickens County Master Gardeners, of which Fellenbaum is also a member.

When Fellenbaum was asked what makes Jasper Farmers Market special to her she said,

The people I meet through the market, especially the vendors have become my second family. Although faces have changed over the years there are always those you miss, especially some of the folks that have passed away.

The Market is open every Wednesday and Saturday to the public from 7:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. It is located at the Park and Ride next to Lee Newton Park. Admission and parking at the Farmers’ Market is free and new vendors are welcome to follow up on their website

Lilly’s Lemonade                                    Anderson Family

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