Skid Steer Disagreements

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Although a few members short, Mayor Weaver brought attention to the council a matter that had been declined last month, the purchase of a new skid steer for $60,611.

Donnie Fowler spoke to the council and insisted that a new skid steer would help with much larger projects and would provide safety to those operating it. The current equipment can handle many jobs, but runs the risk of being a liability with it not having a cab enclosure.

Council Member Jim Looney and Mayor Weaver went head to head on this topic. Mayor Weaver agreed with Fowler in the fact that a new skid steer could handle bush hogging and the larger logs through the city.

Jim Looney and other members of the council had a harder time seeing the need for the new equipment. Throughout the back and forth conversation Looney stated he wouldn’t agree return to the other one they had as the cage cab could prevent someone from being injured while bush hogging.

Although the skid steer was approved this time around, John Foust voted against the skid steer. FYN asked Foust after the meeting about his decision,

It’s not that I disagree with a new Skid Steer, I just think there is more to look into and think about on it.

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