Pickens County Sheriff’s Office 2018 Lip Sync Challenge

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Your wait is over….here is the PSO 2018 Lip Sync Challenge Video.

The Law Enforcement Lip Sync Challenge was created to show our communities and nation the humanity behind the badge. It was light-hearted fun that did an excellent job of showing the humor and joy law enforcement individuals have. We, of course, wanted to have our own fun. As many of you have seen, the challenge was extremely successful and hopefully provided each of you with a lot of laughs.

However, there is also a different side to law enforcement we want to draw your attention to.

As we thought about this challenge and its purpose, we also wanted to show you that side. Every day we try to serve, protect, and provide compassion. This job is not always easy, but each day we choose to give it our all and we do it for you, our community. We are extremely proud of this video and hope it shows you just that. The Pickens Sheriff’s Office would like to thank all the staff who volunteered their time, energy and dedication to the success of this production. A special thanks to PSO’s own Shane Godfrey for the videography and editing, Sgt. Jody Weaver for the screenplay, and Sheriff Donnie Craig for his never-ending support of his staff, and willingness to grant us freedom in our creativity. Disclaimer: The Pickens Sheriff’s Office neither expresses, nor implies, any ownership or copyright of the music selections used in the production of this entertainment video. Those rights belong exclusively to the artists, performers and / or writers of the original recordings. The participants in this video are, or were, employees / relatives of employees of the Pickens Sheriff’s Office at the time of this production.

*TRIGGER WARNING. Please watch with caution.


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