School district may receive raises next year

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JASPER, Ga. – During their FY20 (fiscal year 2020) discussion on Friday, May 31, 2019 the Pickens Board of Education discussed potential raises for the district in the coming year.

According to Chief Financial Officer Amy Smith (presenter pictured to the left above), a 4.45% increase is currently expected, with certified staff receiving a $3,000 state schedule increase, plus a 10% local supplement.

Smith states that this would include a one dollar an hour increase to all non-certified, non-administrative positions but not including bus drivers as they received a two dollar an hour increase last year. However, bus drivers would still receive a 2% state and local increase.

There is expected to be a 75 cent raise for food service workers, and a one dollar an hour increase to food service managers and book keepers.

The raises also vary by number of months worked for certain employees. For example, Smith cites that a 12-month principal would earn $3,900 more total, whereas an 11-month would receive $3,600.

As confirmed by Superintendent Dr. Carlson Wilson, all staff would ultimately be receiving a minimal 2% increase in pay.

No new teachers are currently expected to be hired, though one para-pro is likely to be needed to provide clerical and instructional support, plus virtual school support if needed.

These raises are not guaranteed as of yet, however, as the board has further discussion as well as voting on the proposed changes in upcoming meetings.

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