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Pickens High School will be closed to employees and staff on Monday, March 23, for a deep cleaning after an employee who worked on campus reported flu-like symptoms.

Chris Wallace, principal, stated in a press release:

“A PHS employee who worked on campus last week reported flu-like symptoms to me on Saturday. After consultation with our

pickens high school

Pickens High School will be closed to employees and visitors on Monday for deep cleaning.

superintendent and health services director, I feel it best as a precautionary measure to further restrict the number of people entering the building while it is being properly cleaned.”

He went on to say they would take proper precautions and to deep clean, the Pickens High campus will be closed
to all employees and visitors Monday, March 23rd.

“Our campus access plan is currently under review. Any changes made to this
plan will be communicated once determined,” the statement continued.

Schools are currently closed until March 31. Read the story here.

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