New VA Clinic opens and veterans respond to register

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VA Clinic in Jasper

PICKENS COUNTY, Ga – The new VA Clinic in Jasper was busy on its first day with about 60 veterans registering for services by 9 a.m. The clinic will accept 500 patients starting out and plans to expand to 3,000 patients.

VA Clinic

Photo by Susan Kirkland
The Jasper VA Clinic opened Monday. It will initially serve 500 patients but should expand to 3,000.

“This place will be tremendous,” veteran Mike Menzel said after registering for services. He lives in Ellijay and said he was glad to have a clinic closer than the one in Chattanooga that he has been to.


The facility has eight exam rooms, eight counseling room, two telehealth rooms for clients needing to see a specialist at other clinics, like Atlanta, and an audiology room, where veterans can see an audiology technician or arrange an appointment with the audiologist in Blairsville. The clinic will also have a social worker available for veterans.

“The new Pickens County VA Clinic will increase access and ensure that our veterans continue to continue to receive the high-quality health care that they have earned and deserve closer to home,” said Ann Brown, Atlanta VA Health Care System Director.

Pickens County has about 3,000 veterans living there and it is expected that the clinic will serve veterans across several counties.

VA Clinic

Photo by Susan Kirkland
Mike Menzel said he’s looking forward to receiving treatment at Jasper’s VA Clinic which opened today.

“I’ve always had a good experience,” said Pat Buchanan, veteran and chaplain. “I went to my regular doctor and got a clean bill of health, went to the VA two weeks later and they discovered I had colon cancer.”


Due to COVID-19, the new facility, as well as other outpatient and Community-Based Outpatient Clinics are open for telehealth visits. In-person visits require prior approval, said Ken Murphy, chief nurse of primary care, said.

VA Clinic

Photo by Susan Kirkland
Pat Buchanan credits the VA Clinic and doctors with finding his cancer after being given a clean bill of health.

Telehealth visits can be scheduled via MyHealtheVet. This website can be used to securely message their care team by accessing the portal or by calling the TAP line at 404-329-2222.

Online Enrollment (VA Form 10-10EZ) can be found here. Veterans can also enroll by calling 1-877-222-8387.

“We are always trying to improve services for our veterans and the new Pickens County VA Clinic helps us do just that,” Brown said.



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