Rezoning fees could increase in Pickens County

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Commissioners Becky Denney and Jerry Barnes talk between Thursdays called meeting and work session

Planning and Development is preparing to raise the cost of rezoning, by $350 in some cases. Justin Kilgore, Director of Planning and Development said the increase was neccessary because of the cost of doing rezoning. The rezoning process can range from between $725-$950 for paying the zoning commission legally required advertising and signage, and registering the deeds.

“Right now, the residents are paying for a lot of these through taxes,” he said. “This tax the burden off of them and in the hands of the person wanting the rezoning,” he said. “This gets us a little closer to breaking even.

Commissioner Becky Denney asked if there was a way to break it in stages. “Going from $150 to $500 is a big jump,” she said referring to the fees for residential agriculture and small agriculture rezoning applications.


The five-year history and tax digest for 2015-2020.

“It would ease the shock,” Kilgore said. He also stated that the county saw a four-percent increase in permits and licensing over 2019. His department has processed 78 building permits and 20 business license.


The commissioners could not vote on it because it was a work session, but agreed to revisit it at the next scheduled regular meeting.

The county is looking at a decrease in the millage rate, for the fourth year to 7.6130 from 7.7790 or .166 decrease. Taxes levied in 2020 say an increase to $11, 620,571, up $332,107 or 2.94-percent from $11,288,464 in 2019. The increase was attributed to inflation and reassessments.

The Pickens County Board of Commissioners awarded a paving bid to  Colditz Paving ,out of Blairsville. They were the low bid at $1.018 million out of five bids. The highest bid was $1.6 million.


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