Pickens County Gets New Finalist for Supervisor of Elections Board

Roberts Elections Supervisor

Last Thursday, The Picken’s County held a special meeting to discuss the candidates for the upcoming new Board of Elections Supervisor. Julianne Roberts who had served on the Elections Board as a supervisor for Pickens County resigned. She stated her reasons due to pertinent legislation regarding bills HB 682 and HB 683. She had previously also served as Supervisor of Elections for Cobb and Cherokee County as well.  The decision was made after Representative Rick Jasperse urged the city commissioners to reexamine how the two political parties appoint members to their board.

Stacey Godfrey sent a letter to the Elections Board along with her resume applying to the position. She stated her interest along with her many years of experience and qualifications. Ms. Godfrey stated her enhanced abilities in communication, team building and time management would make her a qualified candidate for the job. She is currently working as the Administrative Coordinator Planning and Development  Assistant for the county. She brings with her a wide array of experience and exceptional organization skills and team management.

She has displayed excellent customer service skills as well as management, decision-making, and supervision skills.   There were a number of qualified candidates who had applied for this position but at this time Stacey Godfrey is the only finalist for consideration.  The Picken’s Board of Elections announced it will finalize it’s choice for Supervisor of Elections at the next board meeting scheduled for July 15.


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