Fire Chief Prather recognizes new paramedics

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paramedics recognized at BOC

PICKENS COUNTY, Ga. — The Pickens County Board of Commissioners met on May 19, 2022. At their meeting, Fire Chief Tim Prather was given the time to recognize two employees who recently received licenses to serve as paramedics. Chairman Stancil also gave a recognition to Pickens County sports teams, and the commissioners voted to fill two positions.

During the commissioners’ meeting, Chief Prather recognized firefighters Zachary Robinson and Zachary Licona who recently finished the Georgia Department of Public Health’s Paramedic Program. Prather emphasized the time Licona and Robinson dedicated to becoming licensed paramedics, “I don’t think there’s ever enough said about the paramedic program and what these guys go through. The program itself is about 1200 hours.” He also read a letter of commendation that was presented to both paramedics. “Although I have never attempted this program,” Prather said, “I am fully aware of the time, preparation, commitment, dedication, and physical demands required to complete this program successfully.” He continued, “It is with immense pleasure and honor that I offer you this letter of commendation for a job well done.”

Prather also noted that their licensure had already been used to benefit the community. He added that one paramedic had already responded to a heart attack call, saying the survivor is “alive today because of that training.”

Continuing recognitions, Chairman Kris Stancil recognized the Pickens County High School teams that reached the state championships or playoffs including baseball, competition cheer, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, girls’ golf, cross country and track, girls’ tennis, soccer, and Esports. Stancil said they “definitely want to recognize and honor every member of everyone of those teams, but like I say, we don’t have a room big enough in the county to bring all of these students and their families in.”

After the retirement of the county’s current commercial building inspector, the commissioners approved an agreement that will allow the chairman to fill the position. The board also took action to appoint a Democrat to the Pickens County Board of Elections. Stancil first noted that the elections board must have two Republican members and two Democratic members. He explained that one current member, Democrat Barbara Balducci, is leaving the county. The commissioners filled that position until the term expires in January 2026.

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