No Transitional Audit for Jasper

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New Chief Financial Officer Lisa Hoyle says the City of Jasper is not conducting a transitional audit.Typically, municipalities conduct transitional audits when financial officers exit their positions with a public organization, such as a county or city. Although such audits may not be required by law, they’re considered good business practice, clearing any discrepancies in finances or potential problems from the previous CFO’s tenure.

According to Jasper’s personnel office, the city’s former CFO Tacie Williams resigned on June 4, 2013. Lisa Hoyle replaced Williams as city financial officer.

Like Jasper, Pickens County also recently hired a new CFO. In September 2012, then Pickens County financial officer Mechelle Champion left her position with the county and was replaced by current CFO Faye Harvey, who had previously worked as Gilmer’s CFO. Shortly following Champion’s departure, the county conducted a transitional audit. The audit was complete and made public at the end of November. Although the audit report isolated a few record keeping issues, the audit came back clean.

In an email to FYN this week, Hoyle said there is no transitional audit for Jasper. She also said the 2012 audit in not complete, nor is the June 2013 monthly financial statement. However, Hoyle said the June 2013 statement should be ready by tonight’s council meeting.

Additionally, citizens are curious about the 2012 year end financial report, which is not posted on the city’s website yet.

The next Jasper City Council meeting is scheduled for tonight at 6:00 P.M. at Jasper City Hall located at 200 Burnt Mountain Road.

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