In lieu of forensic audit, county historical report compiled

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After months of requests, the county commissioners hope that they’ve put the financial questions regarding county financial dealings to a rest. Concerned citizens and two grand juries have been wondering where an estimated $5 million has gone over the past years. (more…)

Pickens budget plagued by unknowns, tax hike may be necessary

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A five-hundred page report is what the Board of Commissioners has to examine in their struggle with the 2014 budget. That is no small task to undertake, nor was compiling it a small task for the financial department. (more…)

Possible Forensic Audit for County Moves Forward

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Before the Board of Commissioner’s meeting got started last Thursday, State Representative Rick Jasperse visited with a welcome surprise. He gave the Pickens Board of Commissioners a check for $41,000 from the Georgia Department of Transportation to cover a portion of the damage caused by August’s floods. (more…)

Commissioners Face Questions Over Forensic Audit

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The Pickens Board of Commissioners met in front of a concerned audience last night. There was a citizen seeking help with smoke inhalation which created some controversy, but most seemed to have their attention drawn to a recent recommendation by the grand jury to perform a forensic audit of the county’s finances back to 2005. (more…)

Water Board: Improvements, Late Fee Adjustments Pending

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The Pickens County Water authority is seeking a new policy regarding seniors and/or persons on fixed incomes policy regarding late fees. (more…)

BOC Work Session; Sets Millage Rate

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September 6, 2013:

A brief meeting was conducted by the Board of Commissioners this morning to approve a millage rate. The new millage rate was approved by a unanimous vote to be set at 6.687 percent.

Pickens Board of Commissioners Propose Millage Rate

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Hope springs eternal….at least it appears so judging by the Pickens County Board of Commissioners meeting this morning. (more…)

No Transitional Audit for Jasper

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New Chief Financial Officer Lisa Hoyle says the City of Jasper is not conducting a transitional audit. (more…)

Budget Pressures Pickens Voters on SPLOST

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Months into the fiscal year, Pickens County is already experiencing budget challenges. (more…)

Courthouse Bonds Change Names This Week

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Six point five million dollars in bonds changed names this week. (more…)

Family Partners Looks to County for Funding


Local Child Abuse Prevention Center, Pickens Family Partners, has requested $5,000 from the county. (more…)

Citizen Questions Overspending, New Project Seeks to Ease Financial Woes

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Citizen Gary Copeland called the county on the carpet last week for its overspending and questioned its ability to pay its bills. (more…)

County Looks to SPLOST to Counter Funding Cuts

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The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) said it will cut road funding to Pickens County, BOC Chairman Robert Jones says. (more…)

County Cuts Positions, Saves Half a Million

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During its monthly meeting today, the board of commissioners announced it released several employees in an effort to reduce its 2013 budget. (more…)

Harvey Stays!

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Pickens County CFO Faye Harvey has decided to continue her role as chief financial officer. (more…)

Pickens Audit Made Public!

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The county’s transitional audit was completed and made public last week. (more…)

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