City Council announces updates to meetings calendar, Municipal Court employees

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JASPER, Ga. – The Jasper City Council announced updates to their meetings calendar, as well as new Municipal Court employees during their meeting on Tuesday, January 21, 2020.

Robert Sneed was voted on unanimously to take on the role of Municipal Court Judge on behalf of the city, and will act as interim Municipal Court Judge until the council formally approves his

It was also unanimously decided that Mayor Steve Lawrence and the city attorney shall negotiate a contract between the city and Joe Hudson to serve as prosecutor for the Municipal Court during 2020, and will act as interim prosecutor until the council formally approves his contract.

As for the meetings calendar changes for the year 2020, Good Friday (observed on Friday, April 10, 2020) will now become a holiday for city employees in exchange for their current floating holiday.

Monday, September 14, 2020 is the only Monday during the year that a meeting will not fall on the first Monday of the month.

The November workshop has been moved to Thursday, December 3, 2020, and the December workshop has been moved to Wednesday, December 30, 2020, as these meetings were schedule for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, respectively.

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Jasper and Pickens County Continue Collaboration


(L to R)Don Boggus, Tim Chason, Sonny Proctor, Becky Denney, Kirk Raffield, Brandon Douglas

by Sonny Proctor, M.D. and Becky Denney

On Tuesday, September 3, the Economic Development Director Hiring Committee, recently formed by joint resolution of the Pickens County Board of Commissioners and the Jasper City Council, met to review information collected and organized by The Chason Group of Georgia, the consultant chosen to lead the strategic planning process and the job search of a new Economic Development Director for Pickens County. Using information from the S.W.O.T. analysis done by the Chamber of Commerce Collaborative Planning Committee, as well as information gathered by Chason economic development specialist Mark Lytle from over twenty key stakeholder interviews held in the community, information was presented about structure, location and governance of this newly organized executive position. A “S.W.O.T.” analysis collects and organizes information and data around strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and is the foundation of the collaborative strategic planning process. Tim Chason presented recommendations for the group around title, job description, structure and governance of this executive position. Using this information, there will soon be a posting for this important role in our community. Collaborative Planning is an economic development strategy recognized by organizations like the Department of Community Affairs and others as a form of planning to help municipalities and counties come together for the better good. There may be even more exciting news concerning collaboration in the very near future. The committee, co-chaired by Commissioner Becky Denney and Jasper City Councilman Sonny Proctor, hopes to have a hire with a strategic and implementation plan in place in the next few months. Other members of the committee include Don Boggus, the Chairman of the Pickens County Development Authority, Todd Payne, the President/C.E.O. of Amicalola EMC, City Councilman Kirk Raffield, and Jasper City Manager Brandon Douglas.

Jasper City Council holds regular meeting ~ Swears in new Council member Dr. Sonny Proctor

Police & Government

Dr. Sonny Proctor receives welcome from Mayor Weaver

The Jasper City Council held its regular meeting December 5th 2016 and first on the agenda was the swearing in of the newest City Council member Dr. Sonny Proctor.  Proctor was elected in the November election.


Dealing with old business the 2nd reading of the updated noise ordinance was passed which will change the wording to remove the part which indicated you would need to live in the city limits to launch a complaint.  A local bar had received 4 citations due to noise in the last year.

New business included awarding the City’s liability/worker’s comp insurance to Key West Insurance.   Key West, a prior insurer for the City, came in with a bid 3 thousand lower than the competing bidders with no loss in coverage.  The city will also continue in an effort to move forward with the sewer/water system improvements.

The meeting came to a close with updates on economic development from Gerry Nechvatal, the finance report from Lisa Hoyle, Lonnie Waters gave a short update on animal control and DOT projects.  Chief Greg Lovell gave his police report and Chief Roper gave the fire report.  Fire calls were up but basically due to the calls received reporting the smoke from the wildfires.

There was also discussion on the water main damage from the crew laying fiber optics which drilled through a 8″ Main line casing and split the line.  It is unclear how long it will take to repair but the City was hopeful it would be within a few hours.

You can view the meeting below:


Jasper Council’s Grants and Complaints


The City of Jasper seems to finally be bringing an issue to close after several discussions and applications for HMIG Grant from FEMA.

The grant, originally approved last year for $361,231, was bid out in March to the low bid of $403,629 with the unexpected inccrease coming due to the needed generators and engineering. After receiving the bids, the council planned on returning to FEMA to request an increase in grant money to $472,211. As of October 5, Jasper has received confirmation of approval of that request, which brings each involved entity’s share to Federal support to $354,158, State support to $47,221, and the city of Jasper’s portion to $70,832.

Although this still represents an increase of $16,647 over what the council previously budgeted, Lisa Hoyle, City Clerk, offered that the City has pushed a few projects back into next year and could redirect some funds from other areas such as a reimbursement for the Cove Creek Redirection project that was unbudgeted. The Council was also advised that pushing this project back further it would require a new bid process without the opportunity to request more funds in Grants. The Council has approved a motion to move forward with this project including the $16,647 increase in City Costs.

Another major issue coming from the Council’s meeting involved complaints under Jasper’s Noise Ordinance in reference to Rocco’s Pub. Shane Fendley came to the City Council to speak on complaints he made to the Mayor about the noise levels at different times and different levels over the past few years, escalating at some points that the bass from the music was loud enough to rattle windows at his house.

Fendley also stated he was not alone in his complaints with several families and homes affected by the issue. While they have been able to get it quiet at times, Fendley says it has never lasted long before they could hear it again.

Police Chief Greg Lovell also commented on the issue saying they have even went as far as issuing citations to the business after receiving several complaints and has even spoken with the business owner about switching to different forms of music including acoustic styles after a certain hour in effort to alleviate some of the stress on the local populace.

Jasper City Mayor, John Weaver, spoke on attempting to resolve the issue so that the business could flourish and the neighborhood could return to a level of quiet in the area. On that, he offered a suggestion that the Council motion for the Police Chief to return one last time to the business to discuss options and potential consequences for the business.

Though Mayor Weaver suggested options for further violations including an increased fine to hinder those in violation of the Ordinance or moving the issue to Superior Court to be handled as a nuisance, motion and approval came officially saying to “ask the Chief of Police to sit down with Rocco’s and discuss our current situation and the intent of the Council to move toward an injunction in Superior Court should it happen again.”

The City also came to a final adoption of its Millage Rate at 4.683 (a .15% decrease in the rate). The approval came while keeping the same homestead exemptions.

To see more of the meeting watch the full video below:




For The Unexpired Term of Allison Boyle, Resigned

Susan Hayes Piantedosi

Sonny Proctor



For The Unexpired Term of Jackie Jarrett and Thad Thacker, Resigned
Lamar Kellett
James Queen
Kelsey Riehl

Jasper City Council Sept 9, 2015 Grant for Generators


Jasper City Council Sept 9, 2015 part 1


Land Development Project pitched to Jasper City Council

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In a brief appearance before the Jasper City Council, local developer Craig Meffert sought to sell the city on his idea of a multi-use development along the Highway 515 corridor. He with Onyx Investment’s J.R. McLaughlin brought proposed drawings and explanations of their vision before the council Monday night. (more…)

City Council Meeting Features 4-H & Upcoming Audit

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The Jasper city council meeting on Monday took the time to acknowledge and congratulate the local 4-H club’s SAFE shooting team. (more…)

No Transitional Audit for Jasper

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New Chief Financial Officer Lisa Hoyle says the City of Jasper is not conducting a transitional audit. (more…)

Lisa Hoyle New Jasper CFO

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Jasper City Council approved Lisa Hoyle as the city’s new chief financial officer this week. (more…)

Weaver Feels Heat Over Waste Water Plant

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After a week or more of collecting data, Montview residents confronted Mayor John Weaver about the Jasper Waste Water Plant this week, as first reported on The Morning Report. (more…)

Jasper Postpones Two Water Projects

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Jasper City Council decided to postpone two water line projects last night in order to purchase boring equipment. (more…)

Jasper Gets Jolt from Obamacare

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Jasper to Settle 2012 Finances, Faces 2013 Audit

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Jasper City Clerk and Chief Financial Officer Tacie Williams said this week that the city is in the process of clearing up a 2012 budget amendment. (more…)

Jasper Council Member Receives Award


Jasper City Council Member John Foust received recognition last night for completing approximately forty hours of municipal classes given in Savannah and Athens. (more…) - Dedicated to serve the needs of the community. Provide a source of real news-Dependable Information-Central to the growth and success of our Communities. Strive to encourage, uplift, warn, entertain, & enlighten our readers/viewers- Honest-Reliable-Informative.

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