School Board plans for water line improvement at HCES

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Sometimes repairing a problem before it becomes a problem is the right answer. The Pickens County School Board agreed with that thought today when they approved an intergovernmental agreement between the school district and the Pickens County Commissioners’ office. (more…)

Water Board: Improvements, Late Fee Adjustments Pending

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The Pickens County Water authority is seeking a new policy regarding seniors and/or persons on fixed incomes policy regarding late fees. (more…)

BOC Work Session; Sets Millage Rate

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September 6, 2013:

A brief meeting was conducted by the Board of Commissioners this morning to approve a millage rate. The new millage rate was approved by a unanimous vote to be set at 6.687 percent.

What Does Murray Water Break-In Mean for Local Water Security?

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On April 29th, the Murray County water facility was compromised. (more…)

To Borrow or Not to Borrow – That is the Question for the Pickens Water Authority

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Written by Tony Capri

The Pickens Water Authority grappled with approving a $2.9 million loan this week. (more…)

Barnes Wins Coin Toss, Appointed Vice Chair; Board Makes New Appointments

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District One Commissioner Jerry Barnes was appointed vice chair of the Pickens County Board of Commissioners yesterday during the board’s first regular meeting…by winning a coin toss! (more…)

Water Authority Faces Criticism and New Policies, Gives Update on Tate Project

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The Pickens County Water Authority received backlash for its change in water rates last month. (more…)

Dissent Forces More Change in Water Rates

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County water users will see another change in rates starting October 15th. (more…)

Water Policy Changes Coming Soon

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In addition to a hike in water rates, Pickens County residents will soon also see two other changes in water policies. (more…)

Water Rates Rise to Fund Projects

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The Pickens County Water and Sewer Board announced this week it will raise the rates of water usage, effective September 20th. (more…)

EPD Stalls Water Project

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“They’re just playing this little game”


BOC Opens Educational Incentive Fund

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At its September 22nd meeting, Pickens Sole Commissioner Robert Jones announced that the county opened an Education Incentive Fund at Renasant Bank—the resolution for the fund was passed on June 23rd. The fund is designed to assist students

“who are found in need of basic educational supplies, personal supplies or special educational incentives…monies from the said fund may also be used to aid in meeting the objectives or the attendance protocol committee as they relate to compulsory school attendance.”

The fund is fed by money from parents of truant students, who pay fines for the offence. According to County Attorney Phillip Landrum III, the idea here is that, since one of the leading causes of truancy is poverty (the inability to buy school supplies), the money from truancy fines is used via the Educational Incentive Fund to prevent truancy. (more…)

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