Pickens opens Fire Station 12

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Pickens County Board of Commissioners, left to right, Jerry Barnes, Becky Denney, and Rob Jones celebrate Station 12 at the ribbon cutting on July 25, 2019.

JASPER, Ga. – Representatives from all across Pickens County met Thursday, July 25, to cut the ribbon and officially open Pickens Fire Station 12.

Pickens’ Board of Commissioners Chairman Rob Jones, Post Commissioners Becky Denney and Jerry Barnes, Jasper City Councilmember Dr. Sonny Proctor, Jasper City Manager Brandon Douglas, Jasper Fire Chief Steve Roper, and even members of Cherokee County Fire Department visited the new station on Thursday to greet citizens and tour the facility after the ceremony.

Working for years on this project, Jones said it began with planning in the current SPLOST and is an asset on moving forward with making the area safer and lower the ISO (Insurance Service Organization) Rating of 10 at the site.

The project, according to Jones, was only possible through the support of citizens and their support for the SPLOST. It boasts three bays, full living facilities, and a weather-safe room built to protect inhabitants during extreme weather and dangers that come with it.


Be sure to check out more photos of the station and the ribbon cutting at FYN’s Facebook Album.

Pickens County Fire Station 12 is officially open on July 25, 2019!

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Continuing operations in Pickens BOC


JASPER, GA. – Much of the Board’s meeting focused on continuations of present items as they reappointed members to boards and authorities and continued as the agent for a grant.

Family Connections requested the continuation of the Board of Commissioners acting as the fiscal agent of the Family Education Grant. Finance Director Faye Harvey said that either the Board of Commissioners or the Board of Education has to be the agent on the grant. She also noted that the expenses for the grant are reimbursed quarterly.

County Commission Chairman Rob Jones stated that the county has “done this for a few years now.” The motion came for approval by giving the chairman the authority to sign the agreement.

The Board also reappointed John Tatum, Phillip O’Bryant, and Jack Brown to the Pickens County Water and Sewer Authority and Lee Thrasher to the Pickens County Planning Commission.

Also continuing previous work, a resolution was passed by the board confirming the use of the land where the Veteran’s Memorial currently is and the land south of that as well as the property west of the parking lot for honoring veterans of Pickens County.

The Veteran’s Memorial currently in place stands as an achievemnt for both Pickens County and the City of Jasper, but continuing further developments are possible with the confirmation of this property.

Though this doesn’t guarantee the land for any one organization, it is set aside for that use.

Pickens year-end budget review


JASPER, Ga. – January’s meeting of the Pickens County Board of Commissioners brought with it the final budget report of FY 2018.

Entering the new year showcases departments both over and under. Most notably, the budget sat at 97.92% ($25,648,382) of total revenue collected.

On the other side, total expenditures came in at 92.72% ($24,287,881).

Individual Departments and Offices over-budget at the end of December include:

  • Sheriff was budgeted at $6,663,915. The 2019 Actual was $6,759,370, achieving 101.43% of the budget.
  • Probation & Drug Abuse Funds was budgeted at $27,500. The 2019 ACtual was $58,984, achieving 214.49% of the budget.
  • General Gov Buildings was budgeted at $420,728. The 2019 Actual was $522,158, achieving 124.11% of the budget.
  • Superior Court & Grant Admin was budgeted at $365,124. The 2019 Actual was $395,334, achieving 140.14% of the budget.
  • Economic Development was budgeted at $56,273. The 2019 Actual was $56,768, achieving 100.88% of the budget.

Be sure to see the full budget provided by Pickens County below.

December Summary Pg. 1

December Summary Pg. 2

In lieu of forensic audit, county historical report compiled

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After months of requests, the county commissioners hope that they’ve put the financial questions regarding county financial dealings to a rest. Concerned citizens and two grand juries have been wondering where an estimated $5 million has gone over the past years. (more…)

Winter Storm visits Pickens

Featured Stories, News

A lone car, tipped over with the top peeled back, is one of a few visual reminders of the ordeal Pickens County endured last week. This car, on Henderson Mountain Road near South Basin, was one of the first wrecks that occurred in the scramble to get to safety last Tuesday when the snow storm that crippled Georgia started. Although the snow has finally melted after many were forced to stay home for days, scenes such as this car still send shudders down one’s spine, a bleak reminder. (more…)

Propane Crisis: How will it affect you?

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All it takes is a quick Google search for “propane prices” for the nationwide problem to be apparent. A few of the top stories are across a wide expanse of our nation, including Kansas, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin and Missouri. (more…)

Governor Deal visits Jasper as Orlaco opens and creates jobs

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Anniversaries don’t come every day. Twenty-fifth anniversaries are a rarity. But after being in business 25 years, Orlaco has grown into a global company that has chosen Jasper as its first North American headquarters. Bringing around 65 jobs to Pickens County, the heavy equipment camera operation is proud of their new “home.” (more…)

Pickens budget plagued by unknowns, tax hike may be necessary

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A five-hundred page report is what the Board of Commissioners has to examine in their struggle with the 2014 budget. That is no small task to undertake, nor was compiling it a small task for the financial department. (more…)

County Interviews Possible Auditor; Grand Jury Silent on Progress of Request

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They seem fairly sure that a forensic audit isn’t necessary at this point, but the Board of Commissioners is being cautious with taxpayers’ money while still seeking answers to long-term budgetary questions posed by the grand jury. However, the grand jury has fallen silent on the matter. (more…)

Possible Forensic Audit for County Moves Forward

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Before the Board of Commissioner’s meeting got started last Thursday, State Representative Rick Jasperse visited with a welcome surprise. He gave the Pickens Board of Commissioners a check for $41,000 from the Georgia Department of Transportation to cover a portion of the damage caused by August’s floods. (more…)

Commissioners Face Questions Over Forensic Audit

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The Pickens Board of Commissioners met in front of a concerned audience last night. There was a citizen seeking help with smoke inhalation which created some controversy, but most seemed to have their attention drawn to a recent recommendation by the grand jury to perform a forensic audit of the county’s finances back to 2005. (more…)

Family Partners Looks to County for Funding


Local Child Abuse Prevention Center, Pickens Family Partners, has requested $5,000 from the county. (more…)

Citizen Questions Overspending, New Project Seeks to Ease Financial Woes

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Citizen Gary Copeland called the county on the carpet last week for its overspending and questioned its ability to pay its bills. (more…)

Will County Back Bond for Local Business?

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Will the Pickens County Board of Commissioners back a bond to help a local business? (more…)

Roundabouts at the Ready for Pickens County

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Is Pickens County Ready for another round of roundabouts? After last year’s controversial roundabout in the Yelow Creek-Big Canoe area, Pickens County citizens may soon see two more roundabouts, also called traffic circles. (more…)

Barnes Wins Coin Toss, Appointed Vice Chair; Board Makes New Appointments

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District One Commissioner Jerry Barnes was appointed vice chair of the Pickens County Board of Commissioners yesterday during the board’s first regular meeting…by winning a coin toss! (more…)

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