Pickens School Board Adopts Budget, Millage

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A tinge of reverence marked the Pickens County School Board meeting last night in an atmosphere of good news. At the beginning of the meeting, Board Chair Wendy Lowe lighted a candle that burned throughout the meeting in memoriam of those lost on September 11, 2001. (more…)

Board of Education Millage Proposal

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The Board of Commissioners started a trend that continued at the Board of Education meeting last night. Once again the term “rollback” came into play when determining an appropriate millage rate for the citizens of Pickens County. (more…)

Pickens School Board Adopts Tentative Budget

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The Pickens County School Board met August 8 and adopted a tentative budget for 2014. Due to various factors including rising health costs and lower revenue income, a tight budget meant cuts. (more…)

Pickens County BOE Talks Budget

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The Pickens County Board of Education met Wednesday night to discuss several important topics that will come into effect once the 2013-2014 school year kicks off on August 7th, including the proper way to handle teacher absences and the budget for the upcoming year. (more…)

New Bill Hits School Board with Health Cost Hike

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Pickens County School Board will soon see another health cost increase as a result of Obamacare. (more…)

School System Sees Slow Revenue

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Written by Tony Capri

The Pickens County Board of Education grappled with more financial concerns last night, as it met for its March meeting. (more…)

Budget Workshop Paints Bleak Picture for School Board

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The Pickens County school board heard more grim news Tuesday night during its February 26th budget workshop. (more…)

Wrong Assessment Causes County Tax Hike, BOE Increases Millage

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Property Owners will soon get hit with two new tax increases. (more…)

Pickens to Cut Nine Teaching Positions

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On Thursday, May 17th, at a Board of Education (BOE) Financial Workshop, Chief Financial Officer Amy Burgess discussed with the board 9 teaching cuts, Title 1 budget cuts, increases in the school’s state health insurance plan, and an increase in contribution for teacher retirement. (more…)

Will Outsourcing Save the County Money?

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Over the last few months, news of upcoming health care increases for non-certified employees, has dominated BOE (Board of Education) budget talks. (more…)

Health Insurance Continues to Strain School Board

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“The number one thing we had to address was state health insurance”


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