School Board Responds to Questions

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Pickens County seems to have gone viral after the creation of the website The controversial website appears to channel the voices of dissent over the school systems alleged problems into an anonymous forum. FYN has been hearing rumors of intimidation, ethics violations and fund misuse for months with no solid leads. (more…)

Dirty Politics or Change on the Horizon?

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Following submission of questions regarding allegations made on, the school board has responded to FYN. A partial submission was made by Wendy Lowe, board chair, who deflected criticism regarding the “transfer” of iPads from the school system to the Joy House which is managed by her husband Steve Lowe. (more…)

Jasper Elementary School contract moves ahead while TES put on hold

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Despite his predictions that Tate Elementary School’s slated renovation would come in near projected costs, Pickens Schools Operations Manager Rick Little was stunned when he saw the figures that did come in. At nearly double the architect’s $1.8 million projected figure, the school board has been forced to delay the extensive renovation plans for the time being. (more…)

SACS gives Pickens Schools Stellar Review

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SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) Lead Evaluator Mike Griffith said,

“It’s obvious you worked very hard”

when giving his overall assessment of the Pickens County School District’s efforts prior to the SACS team’s entrance into the equation. (more…)

Pickens to determine make-up days after state meeting

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News Release from Pickens County Schools

The Pickens County School District received confirmation from the Georgia Department of Education that State School Superintendent Dr. John Barge plans to present a resolution (per OCGA 20-2-168) to the State Board of Education on February 20, 2014. (more…)

Pickens student gets court date

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FYN has become aware of the fate of the young man that is allegedly charged with assault as well as other charges during a middle school basketball game Saturday, January 25 at Fannin Middle School. The young man is going to be placed on house arrest until his court date of February 18th. (more…)

Tate Elementary Renovations Revealed

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Although she’s only been cafeteria manager for six years, when Gina Pyles took the position it was like a homecoming for her. All of her kids, now grown, attended Tate Elementary. That’s one reason she’s ecstatic about the upcoming changes to the school.

On days like today she’s especially thankful for the effort the district is making.

“When its cold, like today, even with the all the ovens going it’s still cold,”

she related.

BOE makes yearly appointments and awards contract to Perry

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The Pickens County Board of Education met last week and, as would be expected, had their yearly nominations as well as extending a contract to Superintendent Lula Perry. (more…)

Sex/AIDS Education to be offered in schools

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Per state board policies and Georgia law a committee recently met to discuss options for sex and AIDS educational offerings in Pickens County schools. (more…)

School Board celebrates perfect scores on CRCT

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The Pickens County School Board congratulated students who received perfect scores for reading and mathematics on the spring CRCT (Criterion-Referenced Competency Test). (more…)

Craig receives award from GSBA

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The Pickens County School Board presented Sheriff Donnie Craig with the G.S.B.A.’s (Georgia School Board Association’s) Partnership Commendation. Board Chair Wendy Lowe read the proclamation to the assembled congregation outlining his contributions to the school system since his election in 2009. Those include providing school resource officers, participating in childrens charities and involvement in various school functions. Below, Craig is congratulated and thanked by Superintendent Dr. Lula Perry as Dr. Dan Fincher of the board looks on.


BOE gives several awards, faces scrutiny

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The Pickens County Board of Education held its monthly meeting Thursday night and recognized persons integral to the success of the school system in several areas, from students to teachers. (more…)

Pickens School Board Puts Long-Range Plan Into Policy

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A county-wide strategic improvement plan put into motion in the past is now policy after a lengthy inception, multiple meetings and planning sessions, presentation to the Board of Education and final board approval Monday night. (more…)

Pickens School Board Adopts Budget, Millage

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A tinge of reverence marked the Pickens County School Board meeting last night in an atmosphere of good news. At the beginning of the meeting, Board Chair Wendy Lowe lighted a candle that burned throughout the meeting in memoriam of those lost on September 11, 2001. (more…)

Pickens Schools Host Workshop

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The Pickens County School system hosted a workshop for all school counselors and social workers as well as community agencies to whom schools may refer students/families in need. (more…)

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