Pickens School District Accused of Defamation

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The Pickens County School System has been accused of committing character defamation. (more…)

School Board Signs New Superintendent Contract

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The Pickens County School Board unanimously approved to execute a new contract this week to hire Dr. Lula Mae Perry as the fulltime superintendent for the school system. (more…)

Pickens Names Dr. Lula Mae Perry Interim Superintendent

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The Pickens County School Board announced this afternoon it has tentatively approved Dr, Lula Mae Perry as interim superintendent. (more…)

For Safety Sake: Citizen Presses School Board for Safer Bus Routes

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Neighbors Against Predators (NAP) President Saira McCarthy says some children at school bus stops are not safe. (more…)

New Bill Hits School Board with Health Cost Hike

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Pickens County School Board will soon see another health cost increase as a result of Obamacare. (more…)

School System Sees Slow Revenue

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Written by Tony Capri

The Pickens County Board of Education grappled with more financial concerns last night, as it met for its March meeting. (more…)

School Board to Save Funding, Rolls Out Redistricting Plan

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Some Pickens County students may find themselves in a new elementary school next year, according to a new district plan. (more…)

BOE Hearing Ends in Resignation

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Pickens County Schools Social Worker Lynn Palmer resigned during a public hearing Friday afternoon. (more…)

Lawsuit Lingers into New Year

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A months-old lawsuit against the Pickens County Board of Education is lingering from 2012, spilling into 2013. (more…)

Fiscal Cliff Fears Hit Local Schools

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Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) recently said the so-called “Fiscal Cliff” seemed likely, while House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) called the budget proposal from the White House a “joke,” saying the proposal was not serious. (more…)

Jasper, BOE Battle over Gym Agreement, Come to Terms

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Jasper Mayor John Weaver and the Pickens County Board of Education went to battle during a called meeting last week. (more…)

Charter Confusion: A Few Final Comments

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On Tuesday’s ballot, voters will be asked to approve an amendment to the state constitution granting the state authority to approve charter schools otherwise denied by local boards of education. (more…)

Pickens Bus Drivers Sue BOE

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Twenty-six Pickens County bus drivers are suing the Pickens County Board of Education for unpaid wages. (more…)

Wrong Assessment Causes County Tax Hike, BOE Increases Millage

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Property Owners will soon get hit with two new tax increases. (more…)

BOE Balks on Outsourcing

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“There are so many different factors when you’re comparing this” (more…)

Will Outsourcing Save the County Money?

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Over the last few months, news of upcoming health care increases for non-certified employees, has dominated BOE (Board of Education) budget talks. (more…)

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